Licensed Immigration Consultants

Visa 4 Sure is Licensed by Immigration Advisers Authority and holds Full license to deal with any kind/category of immigration applications. A migrant life in a new country is like roller-coaster travel; where you need an expert for the right guidance and instant availability and service after reaching a new country from your home country. We proud to support you always at each step of your migration!

A Professional Approach with your Immigration Application

With our Head office located in Amritsar, Punjab, India; we cater to the requirements of a client diligently and centrally managed by our Licensed Immigration Adviser, Mr. Gurvinder Singh and Mr. Paramveer Singh. The professional and friendlier approach of our team gives you the warmth of inclusiveness of all aspects of your application, thus ensuring the right process and approach is followed the pathway, with the client association and integrity at its best!

Our Founder is greatly confident in his approach of handling immigration applications, and thus accepts the criticality and complexity in an application, with positive result commitment once satisfied and vouches on the application. It takes positive, aggressive, and right attitude while dealing with immigration applications.

The visa application, paperwork and representation of a file is a tedious job, and even when all the paperwork is done correctly, Immigration officer can ask for further clarity, verification and documents. To avoid this, our expertise in Immigration, proved with immense perseverance and professionalism, ensures all the formalities are completed with the desired outcome of the application.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make the Journey of a Migrant- Pleasant!

Following our tag line – ‘You Dream We Serve’, we aim to give efficacious services for the benefit of a migrant, who aspire to visit, study, work or settle abroad.

We further strive to be always available for a migrant and solve their difficulties and challenges faced with Immigration during their journey to the country you choose. Every individual application including Student Visa, Family Visa, Spouse Visa, Visitor Visa, Work Visa and Permanent Resident Visa is unique; and therefore, we aim to give equal importance and attention, avoiding unwanted concerns or PPI’s (Potential Prejudicial Information) from Immigration Office.

We at Visa 4 Sure endeavour to make the migration process of a client is stress-free, and that you are informed on the application process, the documents required and how it’s presented to Immigration.

Our Vision

We understand the life of a migrant, the challenges and struggles involved and therefore, Vision to bring:

# complete transparency towards your Immigration and visa application process,

# the right guidance towards career advancements and opportunities for a Migrant,

# and providing genuine advice on all the legal matters to individuals planning to go abroad on a student visa, work visa, visitor visa or to obtain Permanent Residence class visas.

However, our experts have high analytical and problem-solving skills. They demonstrate creativity in order to surmount all the obstacles that come your way. Hence, we are always volatile on the constantly changing immigration laws while understanding the essentiality to improve the knowledge-base after a regular time period. This makes us highly trustable Immigration Consultants in Amritsar.

We strive to be the leader in the Immigration Service Industry. To do so, we help students through unbiased, innovative and customized value-added services. Explore our visa services and apply with us. We are the right path for your future. Choose the best Licensed Immigration Consultants for you.